Author: Let Us Start a Band 2004

Let Us Start A Band01

12 years ago, I was working for Sacramento Parent Magazine as a one man graphics department. It might have been the most unqualified I’ve ever been for a job seeing as my only design experience was when I  was in the Placer High Yearbook Class one year and designed the layout for three pages. A friend had convinced me to take the job over from him so he could run away for a few months and join the Blue Man Group.

To show how little I understood about typeface, and layout, below is a link to a PDF of a children’s book I wrote as I was trying to figure out how the Photoshop and Illustrator worked. It’s basically a collection of some really cool and unusable clip art I found on a disk in the office.

I actually printed it out and pasted it into a board book that was laying around the office and brought it home to give to my son who was two or three. Not even he could bear to look at it. To see if you can, click on the link below.

Let Us Start A Band


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