Repurposing: Flip Clock Anniversary Present

A couple months ago, my wife mentioned that she wanted one of those clocks where the numbers flip down as the time changes. I thought it would be cool to have one, but since smartphones and computers have made clocks are pretty much irrelevant I decided to use the clock mechanism to illustrate how much fun our marriage has been over time.

On a builders note, just in case anyone wants to try this at home, in an attempt to not have to make modifications to the guts of the clock I printed the photos on bright white paper instead of photo paper. My hope was that it wouldn’t add too much weight or mass and would still be thick enough to keep the numbers from bleeding through. I ended up being half right. When I put it all back together it wouldn’t turn because the extra width of the paper shrunk the gap between the number plates and the clock frame. I ended up having to take the whole thing apart and shave the apperature with an X-Acto blade. Putting it back together and getting everything to line up was a small nightmare, but darn it, my wife is worth it.



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