Exhibit Design: Archives and Research Facility

The Placer County Museums acquired an old dental clinic for re-purposing as a state of the art Archives and Research Facility. It was a huge upgrade in square footage as well as the overdue consolidation of two separate facilities into one. The only problem with converting an old dental clinic is that even after you take out the exam chairs, it still feels like an old dental clinic.

Since there was a lobby, which was totally unnecessary, we decided to turn it into a small gallery.

One thing the curators wanted was some kind of sign to let people know which side of the building was which so I painted some giant old timey graphics to eliminate ALL possible confusion.

Next I converted some old suitcases from the prop collection to small exhibit cases.

One fun little accent I came up with was for a matching padlock and key design, for the visitor’s lockers. They wanted some kind of vinyl numbering to match up key fobs with the locks, but I thought it would be way more fun to use photos from the collection instead.

Placer County Archives and Collections Lockers detail

With all that done, all I needed to do was make a postcard for the grand opening and call it a day.


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