Set Design: Bad Comedy for Bad People

I was hired to do design and build a set for the taping of a Keith Lowell Jensen comedy special on Stand Up Records. Below is the set from first the first meeting with Keith, to an illustration of what things would look like, to the real set.

It was built to feel like a museum with Keith as an exhibit, complete with an onstage museum docent (which ended up being me) who opened and closed the ropes to allow performers to access the stage.

Since the show was going to be called Bad Comedy for Bad People, Keith asked his fans to come up with a list of “bad people” I could photoshop to be laughing at him.


Redesign: Daruma Doll

I’m kind of a big fan of Daruma Dolls. Most of my friends had never heard of them, so I decided to make a bunch of them for Christmas presents. I sculpted the positive out of oil based clay, cast it in plaster, then shredded up a bunch of my junk mail and pressed it into the mold. Once they dried I glued the halves together and painted them.

Since no one I know had ever heard of them I made a little instructional booklet.

daruma pamphlet