Belt Buckle Design: Peter & Lemmy

I was just teaching myself how to draw with Adobe Illustrator and decided to try and illustrate a photograph. After wanting to dress up like Peter Criss for Halloween since she was a kid, My wife finally pulled the trigger on it. I took this self portrait of us ending the night at In-N-Out Burger and thought it would make a great rock and roll belt buckle for her.


Product Design: St. Whovius Novena

My buddy Nick had cancer. It was heartbreaking deal. He was one of the 20% of people who get lung cancer that never even tried smoking. It was one of those super raw deals where a guy who’s too good for this world ends up having to leave it too soon.

Nick was huge Dr. Who fan and I wanted to get him something Whocentric for Christmas, but it was impossible to tell what he already had. So I made him a Dr. Who novena candle.

I started with this great Joan of Arc painting, hrew in a little TARDIS action in there, put a frame on it and dropped it into outer space. To finish it up, I found a prayer for the sick and Dr. Who’d it up a bit, printed the whole thing out and stuck it on what used to be a St. Jude candle.




Redesign: Daruma Doll

I’m kind of a big fan of Daruma Dolls. Most of my friends had never heard of them, so I decided to make a bunch of them for Christmas presents. I sculpted the positive out of oil based clay, cast it in plaster, then shredded up a bunch of my junk mail and pressed it into the mold. Once they dried I glued the halves together and painted them.

Since no one I know had ever heard of them I made a little instructional booklet.

daruma pamphlet